About Us

Women-owned. Family-run. Christian.  

In His Word is a faith-based apparel and home goods business based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (PNW).

Three sisters, along with our mom, started this business out of our kitchen in March 2022. Starting a business of our own has been on our hearts individually for years, more earnestly in the last two years, until God finally said it was time to take the leap of faith.

Each product is inspired, envisioned, designed, and hand-crafted with our only goal: to help us stay in God's Word.

Starting with our designs, we personally envision, create, and carefully perfect each one. Each of our designs are inspired and may take hours to several weeks to be fully realized. Regardless of the time, each are lovingly crafted and reviewed by all four family members, providing input until the design is sharpened and refined with God's loving imprint and perfect timing. 

Why the PNW?

To put it simply, we are called to be here in the Pacific Northwest.

We grew up in the PNW and despite leaving for Colorado, Wisconsin, and New York, we were eventually called back. It is clear He has us here for a reason and this season.

Remain in me, and I will remain in you.

Our mission is to help people stay in His word. Jesus told us “Remain in me, and I will remain in you” (John 15:4). Sometimes this is through an overt message on a shirt, like Fearless because He is Faithful. Other times it is a more subtle reminder to ourselves, like here for such a time as this. When we put these pieces on, they are our constant reminder to remain in Him so He will remain in us.

Called to Boldness

One by one, all of our local Christian bookstores closed their doors over the last decade. God inspired us to step into the gap and offer faith-based apparel and home goods.

In boldness, we are utilizing the gifts, talents, and unique career experiences He gave each of us to launch In His Word.

We are both thrilled and humbled to have you join us on this journey!